Privacy Policy


Data protection and privacy have been issues at the forefront of current affairs around the world in recent times, and rightly so. At InTheGame (“ITG”) we care about your privacy and your right to access, modify, and, if you so choose, delete the data you have provided to ITG. This Data Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is designed to let you, the user, know how and why we collect the data we do from you, how it is used, and who all have access to it.

What data do we collect?

ITG exists to provide you with a full range of statistics and performance analysis for your games when you play with your friends/family/colleagues/strangers. To that end, we collect certain data from you and certain data of your game. The data held by ITG can hence be broadly be divided into three categories: User Provided Data – Data that you directly provide to ITG while creating your profile. ITG Collected Data – Data that ITG collects and extrapolates after reviewing the video footage. Video Data – Video feeds of your game when you play at any of our partner venues. These video feeds are used to help our team of analysts break down your performance and give you the highest quality and most in depth statistics for your own game. The video data is also used to provide you and other customers with viewable highlights and blooper reels, where we show you your best moments from the game, and also a collection of interesting moments and other highlights from a game or over a pre-decided period of time. Our aim is to give you as much information as possible while using as little of your personal information as we can. As far as possible, we aim to only collect data from you that is absolutely necessary for us to provide you with the best service that we can.

How is your data used?

As mentioned above, the data we collect is used to create the best possible experience for you while you are on the ITG Web Platform (“the Platform”). The data you provide us with will be used to create your profile on the Platform. This data is used to identify you as an individual and link your statistics to you. The idea is to give a full scale, pro-like feel to you when you are on the Platform. This data, apart from your name, can be edited by you at any point of your choosing (See below). The data that is collected by ITG is collected for the purpose of providing you with a detailed statistical analysis of your performance when you play at one of our partner venues. This data and the statistics displayed on the Platform are individually and collectively the property of ITG and ITG has all the rights associated with such data. General data such as browsing trends and page view records may be used by ITG to gain insights into trends of customers viewing or visiting the website and to improve overall customer experience. Even if you choose to delete your account, your browsing data will be added into a general pool of customer trends for our own analysis. To that end, we log the information from when you visit the site and visit any of the pages on the site. As mentioned earlier, this information is only used by ITG to improve overall customer experience while using the services offered by ITG. When you visit or leave the website, we get the information of where you come from and where you go to. We also get the information regarding your IP address every time you visit the website, and your physical location if you use the map on the “Locate a Field” tab. The video data collected of you during your game shall remain with ITG. As mentioned earlier, the video feeds may, from time to time, be used to create a highlight reel of some of the best moments of either a single player or a group of players from a particular game or from separate games over a period of time. These videos will be made available to ITG Advantage members and will be shareable via a link to the said video. That said, InTheGame does not share or sell this data with any third party for the purpose of targeted marketing or with any other third party applications.

Who can view/access your stats?

The statistics that are associated with you on your profile may be shared by you on various social media applications at your discretion. You only have the option of sharing those stats that are associated with your game such as your stats and the overall match stats. However, nobody has the right to share the statistics associated with another person or game, regardless of whether both parties played in the same game. For example, If Alisha goes and plays a game with Tanmay, both being ITG customers, she has the option of sharing her personal performance statistics on Social Media as well as those of the entire match. What she cannot share, however, are the stats associated with Tanmay’s personal performance in the game. Taking this a step further, no one apart from you can view the statistics associated with your profile apart from the basic information being shared by you when you create your profile. As mentioned earlier, ITG has no intention to and does not allow access to unauthorized personnel to its database, and the statistics we show on the Platform, along with the User Provided Data have been secured using industry standard security compliances. ITG DOES NOT SAVE ANY OF YOUR CARD DETAILS. NO PART OF YOUR PAYMENT WHEN YOU PURCHASE AN ITG PACKAGE, WHETHER BASIC OR ADVANTAGE, WILL BE DONE ON THE ITG PLATFORM EXCEPT INFORMATION THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH THE PLAN YOU HAVE PURCHASED.

How can you manage the data collected by ITG?

Once you have created your profile, all of your statistics are attached to your profile. The more you play at ITG partner venues, the more information we have about your game and the deeper our insights to you can be. You can modify the information you provide us with by simply clicking on the Edit Profile in the My Account section of your profile. Please remember that the information provided by ITG (being the performance statistics for your game) will not be editable at your end. If you have any queries regarding the statistics or feel that they are inaccurate, please reach out to us on and we will address your concerns promptly.

What happens to your data if you choose to delete it?

If at any point you wish to discontinue our service, you have the option to disable/delete(?) your account from the Delete Account button on the My Account section on your profile. Once you choose to do so, all data that has been accumulated with respect to you and your performance and is attributable to you will be removed from our servers within seven (7)days. However, the raw data that has been extrapolated during the game, and the video files, including the feeds used to analyse the game and the various videos created by ITG which may feature you remain ITG property and will not be deleted from our servers until we choose to do so.